Lonely Again
I was just told by a bisexual male that my sexuality ‘barely passes’

He proceeded to call me an anti-social straight girl. 

Yes, I am anti-social in a non-psychological sense, but I am not straight and when I decide that I do actually want to tell someone about my sexuality I would greatly appreciate that they pay me the same respect I pay them. 

Panromantic demisexual.

I am not attracted exclusively to guys. I am not attracted exclusively to girls. I am not only attracted to those who are physically male or female. I am also attracted to FtM, MtF, and any other way to identify. I am attracted to people.

No, I am not attracted to them sexually, but romantically I am. I would have a romantic relationship with a male, female, or any combination of the above things. 

Within that relationship, I may, at some point, be sexually attracted to them as well.

But to tell me that I am straight because you do not understand this? That is incredibly rude. 

To tell me I am straight simply because I have a boyfriend? Rude. 

I didn’t tell you that you were straight because you’ve never had a boyfriend. I didn’t say anything of that sort. 

I expect better than this from the community. 

Apparently I’m wrong to expect people to have a little bit of respect. Right. I won’t tell anyone else because according to Ross, I’m straight.

But I think a lot of Trans-men are pretty hot. Oh, and Miley Cyrus and Hayley Williams? Hell yes.